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Corrosion & Cathodic Protection

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Energy Technical Inspection

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Executive Projects

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Designing & Engineering Department

"Sarcheshmeh" Copper Mine Project

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Executive Projects Department

"Bel" Dairy Production Project

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Corrosion & Cathodic Protection Department

"Khark" Project

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Energy Technical Inspection Department

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Ehdas Control company as an industrial consulting service provider and As a general contractor, it works in various industrial projects (nonmetallic minerals, oil, gas and electricity power plant).
Major activities of Ehdas Control were design, engineering, consulting as well as the implementation of electrical equipment, control and instrumentation.

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Address: Unit 22 & 21 ,Floor 2th, Zomorod Tower, Bidaki street, Pass the Hakim highway, Ashrafi esfahani highway, Tehran
Tel: 40442140
Fax: 40442150
Website Address: www.ehdas